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  • US SOF strengthen relationships with allies through combined training

    U.S. Air Force's 7th Special Operation Squadron, assigned to 352nd Special Operation Wing, based out of Mildenhall, England, deployed to Bacau, March 10-15, 2019, to conduct mission essential tasks, and simultaneously, familiarize Romanian SOF with the CV-22 Osprey. “The importance is not only for the commonality of our tactics, techniques, and procedures between US forces and partner forces but combining that within the NATO spectrum to make sure we are all operating in the same format,” said a U.S. Air Force Special Operations Capt., the mission commander for the training event and flight lead pilot . “Being able to get these staged drills out of the way now in a safe and effective training environment, allows us to be able to have the confidence to forward deploy in any contingency operation.”
  • US Rescue Squadrons, MC-130J support personnel recovery exercise in Croatia

    The 56th and 57th Rescue Squadrons worked closely with the 352nd Special Operations Wing, RAF Mildenhall, England, in support of the U.S. Embassy Zagreb Non-combatant Evacuation Operation, NEO, exercise in Zagreb, Croatia, March 18, 2019.The exercise rehearsed the embassy’s personnel evacuation procedures in the event of a natural disaster that
  • 67th SOS Air Commandos team up with sister unit to conduct unique personnel recovery exercise

    U.S. Airmen from the 67th Special Operations Squadron, assigned to the 352nd Special Operations Wing, stationed at RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom, took on unique challenges as they conducted a deliberate, personnel recovery exercise alongside the 56th and 57th Air Rescue Squadron, based out of Aviano Air Base, Feb. 6, 2019, near Zadar, Croatia. As United States Special Operations Command Europe’s only Air Force Special Operations unit, the Air Commandos of 352nd SOW are postured to deliver specialized air power and air land integration in support of special operations worldwide.
  • Mi Amigo flypast, memorial service touches millions

    In a time of war, it is often true that a brief life burns brightly. For many of the 416,800 Americans who sacrificed their lives for freedom during World War II, their brief moments are known as part of a greater tide of courage that freed Western Europe of genocidal oppression. For the ten men of the Mi Amigo, however, their defining moment is remembered forever by the city of Sheffield.
  • Military spouses connect during holiday season through POTFF mindful retreat

    The holiday season can sometimes be the most hectic time of the year for most people as they are usually busy shopping for the “perfect gift” for friends, family and co-workers. To help combat some of the holiday stressors, key members from 352nd Special Operations Wing Preservation of the Force and Family program arranged a spouses only retreat to York. This retreat doubled as an opportunity for spouses to pause and reflect on their purchases, as well as community building.
  • US SOF continue to enhance their ability alongside POL allies through culmination exercise

    Clouds make way for the first pass of combat controllers from the U.S. and Polish forces as they free fall out of an MC130J during a culmination exercise near Krakow on Dec. 5, 2018. The joint team is determined to put all their recent training into action as they steer their parachutes onto the calculated target. “We are in Poland to strengthen our already capable POLSOF allies by advising them on how we conduct special operations air land integration,” said the commander of the 321st Special Tactics Squadron, assigned to the 352 Special Operations Wing, based in the United Kingdom. “This will give our Polish allies the ability to survey, secure, and control an austere airfield anywhere in Poland.”
  • 2,000 NATO, Partner Special Operations Forces rapidly deploy to Baltics for Trojan Footprint 18

    Trojan Footprint is a biennial U.S. Special Operations Command Europe-led exercise that incorporates U.S., NATO and European partner special operations forces. This year’s exercise included special operations forces from: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, and the U.S., as well as the
  • Finnish SOF Host Exercise Northern Griffon

    Northern Griffin is a multinational training exercise hosted by Finnish Special Operations Forces to provide Finland and partner nation SOF the opportunity to train and evaluate capabilities in arctic conditions.
  • U.S. SOF conduct winter warfare training in Sweden

    KIRUNA, SWEDEN – There’s cold and then there’s above the Arctic Circle cold. So cold that frostbite on exposed skin can occur within minutes. Not cold enough to stop special operations forces from operating in the environment.
  • Winter weather strikes RAF Mildenhall

    Air Commandos from the 352d Special Operations Maintenance Squadron clear snow and ice off a CV-22 Osprey during a winter storm 2 March, 2018, RAF Mildenhall. Despite the cold temperatures, the 352d Special Operations Wing maintains a steady, alert posture, ready to execute specialized and contingency operations at a moment’s notice.