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  • 352d SOAMXS Support Section engineer 3D-printed face masks

    Two Airmen from the 352d Special Operations Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 352d Special Operations Wing, based at RAF Mildenhall, England, took initiative when the DoD mandated the wearing of face masks and started using 3D printers to engineer face masks in an effort to combat the spread of Coronavirus. U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Alex Bruce, a SOAMXS equipment custodian for the MC-130J Commando II and U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Carl Martin, a SOAMXS support technician have produced more than 100 masks for their squadron in the past month.
  • 352d SOW conducts open ocean rescue training over the North Sea

    Members from the MC-130J Commando II assigned to the 67th Special Operations Squadron, CV-22B Osprey assigned to the 7th Special Operation Squadron, and Special Tactics Airmen from the 321st Special Tactics Squadron, conducted an airborne operation April 9, 2020, over the North Sea to test and evaluate three core mission sets; global access, precision strike, and personnel recovery.
  • 352d Special Operation Wing welcomes new POTFF members

    RAF MILDENHALL, United Kingdom -- The 352d Special Operations Wing welcomed their two newest members to Air Force Special Operations Command’s Preservation of the Force and Family (POTFF) community. Stacy Cappadona, Community Programs and Peer Network Coordinator (CPPNC) who recently joined the team this past month, along with Ivonn Ellis-Wiggan, the Spiritual Community Programs and Peer Network Coordinator (Spiritual CPPNC).
  • When team work makes her dream work: 352nd SOMXG commander shares experiences, life lessons

    When she began her Air Force journey, her dad gave her some advice – ‘Keep your eyes and ears open, your mouth shut, and find someone you can trust.’ “I still always think of that, because being part of a team is more than just the role that I fill. It’s not all about me; it’s about the larger team,” said Col. Michelle Estes, 352nd Special Operations Maintenance Group commander. “Yes, I’m a leader that gives intent, provides guidance and makes decisions, but I am also part of a larger team and a follower too. I’m always thinking two levels up in my chain of command and weighing the impacts of my group’s decisions. I cannot emphasize enough, it’s about your team.”
  • Secretary Barrett visits Team Mildenhall

    Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett met with Team Mildenhall Airmen and families and toured the installation for the first time Feb. 13, 2020, at RAF Mildenhall, England. The 25th Secretary of the Air Force visited the air traffic control tower, fire station and various units within the 352 Special Operations Wing. Barrett spoke to members of RAF Mildenhall about Team Mildenhall’s mission, Air Force modernization and listened to their innovative ideas on how to improve the base.
  • Hungarian and U.S. SOF Enhance Special Operations Air Task Group Capability

    SZOLNOK, Hungary - Hungarian Special Operations Forces, U.S. SOF from the 352d Special Operations Wing and 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne) conducted training in Szolnok, Hungary October 25-31 to improve interoperability and integration between the NATO SOF allies.
  • Poland and U.S. SOF execute airborne operations as one

    KRAKOW, Poland — Special operators from the Jednostka Wojskowa Komandosow, Polish Special Forces, U.S. Army 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne), and the U.S. Air Force 352nd Special Operations Wing, conducted military free-fall and static-line airborne operations in Poland, Dec. 2-5, 2019 which improves SOF relationships and tactical procedures between the two countries
  • Norwegian and U.S. Forces enhance proficiency through winter warfare training

    BANAK AIR STATION, Norway --– Servicemembers from the Norwegian Armed Forces and U.S. Air Force 352d Special Operations Wing, participated in a week-long exercise Dec. 9-13, 2019, at Banak Air Station, Norway.
  • 352nd SOW's POTFF program hosts National Three Peaks challenge for Airmen

    In the history of military culture, the idea of seeking out support in the form of counseling, education, meditation or therapy was unthinkable. It would also be unimaginable to pursue mountain pinnacles on foot, once considered the realm of gods. They were enchanting, but physically elusive. Now mountaineering is a favorite pastime that only requires a sturdy pair of boots and few odds and ends for contingencies. With changing times and implementation of the Preservation of the Force and Family program, the special operations community can now embrace and explore the hills and valleys of life. Mountains of the mind can be the new frontier of alluring adventures and discovery.
  • AFSOC commander, command chief visit 352nd SOW Airmen

    U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. James Slife, Air Force Special Operations Command commander, and AFSOC Command Chief Master Sgt. Cory Olson visited the 352nd Special Operations Wing at RAF Mildenhall, England, Nov. 4 and 5, 2019.