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  • 67 SOS Crews Stay Proficient with Night Ops

    Two MC-130J Commando II's from the  67th Special Operations Squadron performed a night training mission from RAF Mildenhall, England, Sept. 14, 2016. For more than 6 hours, the two MC-130J crews trained on refueling, airdrop, night vision, low-level flying and formation procedures above the United Kingdom and the North Sea.The MC-130J Commando II
  • 352 SOW Hosts Highland Games to boost morale

    Air commandos and families from around the 352d Special Operations Wing came together Aug. 26, 2016, on RAF Mildenhall, England for the first annual Highland Games, a resurrection of the SOG Olympics.This downtime gave our Airmen the opportunity to enjoy a little healthy competition and relax with their co-workers.The event opened with a leadership
  • 352 SOAMXS Repair and Reclamation Shop Plays the Long Game

    The repair and reclamation shop, or AR-21, consists of trained MC-130J Commando II crew chiefs who work outside normal flightline duties to perform a variety of maintenance functions with longer timelines, allowing their counterparts to focus on aircraft servicing, marshaling and other associated tasks.Alongside these duties, they also  care for
  • SOCEUR Commander, Command Master Chief visit 352 SOW

    U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Mark C. Schwartz and U.S. Navy Command Master Chief Petty Officer Andrew Harrison, Special Operations Command-Europe Commander and Senior Enlisted Leader, respectively, visited the 352d Special Operations Wing on Aug. 1, 2016, at RAF Mildenhall, England.The purpose of the visit was for the command team to spend time with the men
  • AFSOC Airman trains to be better in the long-run

    Airmen learn quite a bit during their eight-week basicmilitary training. They learn attention to detail, basic combat skills and more,but, overall – discipline. In 2009, as trainee Benjamin Glenn participated in mandatoryruns at BMT, he learned something else about himself.“(That’s) when I found out, when I was running with other people,that I was
  • RAFM improv group encourage people to ‘RAF out loud’

    RAF MILDENHALL, England – Many people’s worst nightmare is public speaking, particularly when unprepared. Their palms sweat. They stare into a sea of blank faces. They swallow to clear the lumps in their throats. They want to say something, anything, to fill the hours it seems that have passed since tiptoeing onto stage to make the big address, and
  • 67th Special Operations Squadron participated in practice flight for Bastille Day 2016

    An MC-130 J Commando II from the 352nd Special Operations Wing participated in a refueling exercise July 11, 2016, above Paris, France. The aircraft flew in a modified refueling position with French Air Force EC-725 Caracal helicopters from the 1/67 Pyrenees Squadron.The exercise was in preparation for France’s national holiday, Bastille Day, which
  • 352 SOW Welcomes Col Matthew D. Smith as Commander

    The 352d Special Operations Wing welcomed Col Matthew D. Smith as their new commander at a change of command ceremony held here, July 8, 2016.Smith assumed command from Maj. Gen Eugene Haase, Air Force Special Operations Command vice commander and presiding official, and replaced Col William G. Holt II who will move on to become the AFSOC director