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  • 321st Air Commandos qualify on new parachute system

    The cargo door slowly lowers revealing patchwork-like fields far below. The deafening noise of the MC-130 J Commando II forces the jumpers to rely on hand signals given by the instructor cadre. As the drop zone nears, the signal to jump cues the Air Commandos to execute a training mission they’ve performed countless times before – only this time
  • AFSOC to host Warrior CARE Summit

    Air Force Special Operations Command will host its second annual Warrior CARE Summit April 24 to 28 at Portofino Island Resort on Pensacola Beach.The purpose of the summit is to provide resources and build upon a network for AFSOC caregivers of wounded, injured or ill service members, according to Lisa Dunaway, AFSOC Warrior CARE (Caregiver and
  • Tri-base Airmen survive and thrive through SERE training

    U.S. Air Force Airmen from the 352nd Special Operations Group apply camouflage paint to their faces March 8, 2017, at the Stanford Training Area, England. A Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape instructor trained Airmen how to properly apply face paint based on the environment. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Christine Halan)
  • 352 SOW Airmen practice free fall over Mildenhall

     U.S. Air Force Air Commandos assigned to the 321st Special Tactics Squadron executed a military free fall from a CV-22 Osprey and MC-130J Commando II, March 17, 2017, over RAF Mildenhall, England. Military free fall is an alternative method of insertion Special Operations Forces use when landing a military aircraft is impractical due to rough
  • 7th SOS practices landings on USS Carter Hall

    U.S. Air Force CV-22 Osprey crews with the 7th Special Operations Squadron, 352nd Special Operations Wing performed deck landing qualifications on the USS Carter Hall, March 12, 2017. CV-22 crews must remain proficient on a variety of tasks in support of Global SOF and U.S. National Security Objectives.Carter Hall, with elements of the 24th Marine
  • CV-22 SMA versatility vital to mission success

    The versatility of the CV-22 Osprey sets a well-known standard for Special Operations Forces. Lesser known is the flexibility which extends beyond the aircraft’s unique capabilities to the Airmen who employ it.Two of the Osprey’s four crew positions are manned by enlisted special mission aviators, a job which requires them to maintain currencies
  • Oh ‘chute! 352d SOSS Aerial Delivery trains 67th SOS aircrew drops

    As cord upon cord gets sensibly untangled before being stretched and flattened, the large, billowing canopy is partially inflated to rid it of moisture. A two- to three-man team then folds the parachute before carefully placing it back into its bag, ready for its next use in dropping vital cargo supplies around the world. Air commandos from the 352d Special Operations Support Squadron Aerial Delivery shop take care of the parachutes used when pushing life-saving cargo from the rear of an aircraft. Their efforts ensure aircrew members of the 67th Special Operations Squadron are proficient on aerial delivery drops and ready to support real world operations around the world at any time.
  • MATC provides unique training environment

    The same combination of range, speed and vertical-lift capability that makes the CV-22 Osprey an essential part of U.S. Air Force Special Operations Forces in Europe can have an increased complication of putting our Airmen in unfamiliar environments, working with a diverse group of partner nation militaries.Although Airmen consistently train to
  • Check 3 GPS works on duty, off duty

    In recent years, outdoor activities like swimming, rock climbing, mountain biking and canoeing have needlessly claimed Airmen's lives.From 2011 to 2015, nearly 30,000 mishaps occurred on duty in the Air Force, according to Air Force Safety.These mishaps occurred through poor risk assessment, inattention, poor decision making, overconfidence or
  • 352d SOAMXS adapts, executes mission

    Despite the early hour, it’s hard to stay tired as frosty-morning air stings any exposed skin. The sun hasn’t risen on the flightline at RAF Mildenhall, but the 352d Special Operations Aircraft Maintenance Squadron maintainers are already preparing to launch an MC-130 J Commando II assigned to the 67th Special Operations Squadron. When the