352d Special Operations Wing

The 352d Special Operations Wing based at RAF Mildenhall, England, is part of Air Force Special Operations Command. The wing has more than 1,200 Air Force members assigned, as well as personnel associated through Joint Special Operations Air Component-Europe and Detachment 2, 25th Intelligence Squadron. The wing is the only Air Force special operations unit in the European Theater.

Execute all-domain special operations to strengthen the Joint Force.

Strategic impacts through tactical excellence

352d Special Operations Maintenance Group is comprised of a command section, two maintenance squadrons and a maintenance operations flight and provides all operational maintenance for the MC-130J Commando II and CV-22B Osprey aircraft assigned to the wing.

752d Special Operations Maintenance Squadron provides all organizational and intermediate-level maintenance on the fleet of CV-22B Osprey aircraft. The flightline maintenance, phase, munitions, support mobility and weapons sections of the 752 SOMXS enable the one-of-a-kind combination of speed, range and operational flexibility of the Osprey. 

352d Special Operations Aircraft Maintenance Squadron provide all organizational and intermediate-level maintenance for the wing’s fleet of MC-130J Commando IIs. The 352 SOAMXS uses seven career fields to enable the multi-role airframe’s special operations combat support.

752d Special Operations Group is comprised of a command section, two flying squadrons, a diverse support squadron, and a special tactics squadron. The 752 SOG plans and executes specialized and contingency operations using advanced aircraft, tactics and air refueling techniques to infiltrate, exfiltrate and resupply special operations forces.

352d Special Operations Support Squadron provides the full spectrum of rapidly deployable battle staff and support functions to employ special operations combat airpower in European Command. They ensure rapid and effective deployment, employment, sustainment, and redeployment of 352 SOW assets. Their support functions include exercise, logistics and contingency planning; aircrew training; communications; aerial delivery; medical; intelligence; security and force protection; weather; information technologies and current operations.

7th Special Operations Squadron operates the CV-22B Osprey throughout the entire range of military operations in support of conventional and Special Operation Forces. The 7 SOS can execute missions at night, in adverse weather, performing long-range insertion, extraction and resupply missions in hostile, denied and/or politically sensitive territories. This is accomplished by employing cutting-edge tilt-rotor aircraft with terrain-following/terrain-avoidance radar, precision avionics and robust defensive systems.

67th Special Operations Squadron operates the MC-130J Commando II to provide precise, reliable, flexible and responsive specialized air mobility. The 67 SOS provides worldwide special operations support in austere, hostile, denied and/or politically sensitive territory. The crews conduct single or multi-ship infiltration, exfiltration, and resupply of special operations forces via airdrop and airland operations, and conduct long-range refueling operations of Special Operations Forces assets.

321st Special Tactics Squadron provides a fast reaction, rapidly-deployable force capable of establishing and providing positive control of the air-to-ground interface during special operations or conventional missions. Unit combat controllers and pararescuemen conduct the reconnaissance, surveillance, assessment and establishment of assault zone sites and provide air traffic control and long-range secure command and control communications. Additionally, the unit provides combat trauma medical care, personnel recovery and terminal attack control of munitions delivered by fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. The squadron also has special operations weathermen assigned to provide weather support for military forces.